Built to Villiers specifications, our generators are sturdy, lightweight, portable and built to last, providing our customers with the power needed for operating a range of electronic tools and equipment.

Recoil and electric start heavy duty petrol portable generators (3 - 4 KVA and 5 - 7 KVA)

The new 4 KVA and 7 KVA Villiers generators feature Earth Leakage protection for operator safety combined with a circuit breaker which also acts as an on/off switch, and weatherproof covers on both of the 15 amp power outlets.

The 4 KVA 8hp petrol generator set with recoil start (model PVGS/35) will drive up to a 12″ angle grinder as well as most other power tools used on farms or in the construction industry.

The 7 KVA 13hp petrol generator set is available in both recoil start and recoil/electric start and will do all the jobs above as well as running electric air compressors up to 16CFM and 120 amp welders.

It is an ideal size as a standby power source for households and workshops in times of power failure.


  • powered by petrol (normal unleaded) 4 stroke overhead valve engines
  • electronic ignition
  • low oil level shutdown protection, low fuel and oil consumption
  • clean power for electronic tools and equipment
  • solid one piece frame construction
  • heavy duty anti-vibration mounts
  • 2 pole / 3000 rpm
  • earth leakage protection fitted as standard
  • easy to transport
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7 KVA Silent diesel generators

This diesel generator is recommended for the handy man/ small contractor and for emergency stand by power for domestic use only.

It uses an 11 hp air cooled diesel engine, which avoids many of the problems associated with water-cooled engines such as overheating caused by water leaks and freezing. It is a lightweight, of simple compact construction and easy to maintain.

The engine performs well in temperatures ranging from minus 40 degrees to 50 degrees centigrade, and fuel consumption is up to 16% less than for the equivalent water-cooled engines.

Product Features

  • air cooled diesel engine
  • fuel consumption up to 16% less than the water cooled engines
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